Backed by David Bowie’s ‘Cat People’, and with the amplifiers turned up to eleven, we end our slideshow the next day in a fully packed Cafe Cru and celebrate until the Eastern sun rises.
We conclude that night, that despite the language barrier, and among many other things, the Japanese speak the international language of party, and snowboarding too.

Closing notes
Dio Hornman (@diohornman) would like to thank Jorrit from Analog, for riding attire, Rome SDS for riding gear and Revert Snowboard shop for their support.

Peter-Paul de Meijer (@yourfriendpedro) would like to thank f-stop Gear’s Andrew Kelly and Ian Millar for friendship, Kellan apparel and Superdik for warmth and comfort and the Morino Lodge for providing shelter.

Robin Toen (@rtextreme) would like to thank Sander and Renie Toen for cancelling their vacation. He would also like to thank that one special girl in Tokyo. “Daisuki.”

This story originally appeared in the 'Heart' issue of The Reason Snowboard Magazine, 2014.