From Amsterdam it is a three hour flight to Moscow and another ten hours to the economic heart of the land of the rising sun, Tokyo.

The combined travelling time was about 16 hours, and we had been up for the most of it. With some jet lag, but sheer excitement over the fact that we are currently living nine hours in the future we head out for a night in the city that, in daytime, resides over 20 million people.
While searching for the Narita Express train that will bring us to Tokyo Station, we are immediately confronted with the wild and crazy world of Japanese vending machines. Offering a unique variety of products, ranging from warm beverages to worn lingerie, these machines seem to be surrounding us everywhere, lighting up like casino slots when we are passing by.

We decide to play it safe, only try out a variety of deliciously looking, but not so deliciously tasting candy, and decide to head into Tokyo before our bowels loosen up.